Autism Spectrum Disorder


Teacher: Nick Hadfield
Room 112 (am)

Room 111 (pm)

Phone: 320-274-8208 ext. 3112(am) ext.3111(pm)


Period 1- Independent Living Skills
Period 2- Transitions
Period 3- Prep
Period 4- Earth and Space Science

Minnesota Department of Education Autism Links for Parents and Educators

Autism Manual
Promising Practices for the Identification of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) November 2000
Autism Spectrum Disorder
A brief overview of Autism Spectrum and relationship of related conditions.
Autism Spectrum Disorder: Review of Statewide Data 2005
Powerpoint overview on the numbers of Minnesota children with ASD with trends, costs and other comparisons
Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Descriptive Study
This executive summary provides an analysis of Minnesota data on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)from 1981-2000.
Minnesota Autism Project and Network
Information, support and expertise to help meet the needs of students with ASD.
What Is Autism? Definitions, Facts and Statistics
Definitions in federal law and by Autism Society and a variety of autism facts.
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