Cancellation & Insurance


Cancellations of a facility reservation must be made 48 hours in advance of the reserved date or the user will be liable for all fees. When school is cancelled due to inclement weather or physical problems, all scheduled reservations and activities will also be cancelled. District 876 reserves the right to cancel all facility reservations in its sole discretion.

Liability and Property Damage Insurance

Activities which:

  • require an alteration to the facility; or
  • require the use of props, additional furnishings or decorations; or
  • pose a greater than normal risk of injury, property damage, or property loss;
    will require a certificate of liability and property damage insurance. The amounts of insurance will depend on the proposed use of the facility. The minimum amounts will be $100,000 in property damage insurance and $500,000 in liability insurance.

The superintendent of schools or designee shall determine the need for insurance coverage and amounts. District 876 assumes no responsibility or liability for damage, loss or personal injury resulting from use of District facilities.