Cardinal Kids Club


Welcome to CKC, Annandale’s leading childcare program for children in preschool - 5th grade.  High quality care has been shown to not only provide a safe place for  children and help working families, but also to increase academic achievement and improve school attendance.  CKC is a balanced, high quality program which includes opportunities for recreation, social skill development, basic skills reinforcement and academic enrichment. Participating children have many opportunities to provide input into the types of activities that are available as well as the physical environment created at CKC.

2015-2016 School Year Program
Cardinal Kid Club is the premier School-Age Care program of the Annandale Public Schools!

  • Convenient for Parents!
  • Safe for all kids!
  • Located at AES
  • Open 6:00 a.m.– 6:00 p.m. Monday– Friday
  • Providing care and enrichment for children Preschool– 5th grade
  • Homework Helpers, computer lab
  • Encourages creativity, builds self - esteem and confidence, teaches cooperation, and promotes positive behavior and socialization skills
  • Offers a variety of activities; including crafts, gym time, science, building, outdoor play and much more!
  • Registration must be received 2 weeks prior to starting
  • Following the School Calendar and open on most non school days! Watch for fliers to register!

    Coordinator:  Christy Dougherty

   320-274-0625- Cardinal Kids Club Direct Line
   320-274-3058- Community Education and Services - Annandale Office