District Wellness

ISD #876 is encouraging students, staff and families to lead healthier, more productive lifestyles with our Wellness Policy.

I.S.D. #876 Wellness Policy Highlights:

  • I.S.D. #876 has developed this wellness policy based on federal and state nutritional guideline suggestions
  • School meals are working to:
    • Include only fat-free skim or 1% milk or other non-dairy alternatives
    • Meet minimum nutrition guidelines set by local, state, and national governments
    • Offer a variety of fruits and vegetables
    • ½ of all grains served will be whole grains
  • Beverages sold individually:
    • Allowed: 1% and Skim Milk, water, 100% fruit juices, unsweetened tea, artificially sweetened juices, and artificially sweetened sports drinks
    • Not allowed: Soft drinks containing caloric sweeteners, sports drinks, juices that contain less than 100% real juice or contain caloric sweeteners, and caffeinated beverages
  • School Food Service staff will ensure compliance within the school's food service
  • Our schools should limit celebrations that involve food during the school day to no more than one party per class per quarter.
  • In support of children's health and school nutrition-education efforts school fundraising activities will not involve food or will use only foods that meet the above nutrition and portion size standards for foods and beverages sold individually
  • Our school district will provide information about physical education and other school-based physical activity opportunities and will support parents' efforts to provide their children with opportunities to be physically active outside of school
  • Our school district encourages parents to pack healthy lunches and snacks.

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