Special Education

"The important thing is not so much that every child be taught as that every child should be given to wish to learn."

... Sir John Lubbock

To Contact A Special Education Teacher

Please use the information below to contact a member of the Annandale special education team. The phone number for Annandale Elementary is (320) 274-8218.

Name and E-MailField of WorkExt.
Mrs. AnglinEarly Childhood Special Education274-3058
Mrs. BonacciSpecial Education Instructor/DCD/AutismExt. 1263
Ms. FroehlingSpeech and LanguageExt. 1237
Mrs.GlazierSpecial Education Instructor/LDExt. 1260
Mrs.HappeSpecial Education Instructor/LDExt. 1260
Ms. JensenSpeech and LanguageExt. 1238
Mrs. KubianEBDExt.
Mrs. MaravelasSpecial Education Instructor/AutismExt. 1146
Mrs. TechelSpecial Education Instructor/LDExt. 1250
Ms. ZumbuschEarly Childhood Special EducationExt. 4301
Mrs. ManninenSpecial Education Instructor Ext. 1135

Special Education Process

Special education professionals staff Annandale Elementary. Our goal is to provide the appropriate level of service to meet the student's individual educational needs. The ways in which a student is served is explained in the Individual Educational Plan. The Annandale Elementary special education program exists to meet student needs in the areas listed at the left of the screen.

A teacher, outside agency, parent or other concerned adult, may make referrals to special education. Intensive interventions are implemented prior to proceeding to assessment for special education.

A multi-disciplinary team completes a comprehensive assessment. Areas addressed may include academic, social/emotional, motor, cognitive, speech-language and sensory. The multi-disciplinary team may include classroom teacher, parent, school psychologist, school social worker, special education teacher, and related service personnel.

If children qualify for services, a team is convened including the parent to develop an individual educational plan. Services may be provided in the regular classroom or special education resource room. Services may be provided through consultation with classroom teacher or directly with licensed special education personnel.

For more information about special education in general, please visit the Meeker and Wright Special Education Cooperative (MAWSECO) website.