Parent Information

Education experts agree that parent involvement is the key to a young person's successful school experience. We realize that parent involvement takes a different form at the middle school level because of the unique developmental characteristics of the young adolescent. Your child may voice concerns about "seeing you at school." Be assured, though, that students whose parents remain involved make better transitions to middle school, achieve more, and exhibit more positive behaviors.

Clearly, even though your child may not "hug you in the hall," he or she will benefit from your participation in our school community.

We want to help support you in your efforts to be involved in your child's education at Annandale Middle School. Parent involvement is much more than volunteering at school - involvement is a collaboration with the staff at Annandale Middle school to provide a foundation of support and learning expectations for your student. We have put together some practical ideas based on "Parent involvement research" we hope will help your partnership with our school community.

Thanks for being involved!

Pam Wurm, Youth First Coordinator
Mary Barkley-Brown, Youth First Coordinator