Personnel Rates

A qualified District 876 employee shall be present whenever school facilities are in use. The activity planned shall determine the qualifications of the employee on duty. A food service employee must be on duty whenever kitchen equipment is used. The Community Education Director, in cooperation with school administration, shall determine the need for personnel at planned events.

When District employee time is devoted to or necessitated by an activity, the user shall pay the personnel fees listed below. There is a minimum fee of two hours for all personnel not already on duty. Hourly rates are subject to change.

A. Custodians$25/hr$33/hr
B. Cooks$20/hr$26/hr
C. Media Technician$20/hr$26/hr
D. Attendant$20/hr$26/hr
F. Auditorium Supervisor$20/hr$26/hr
G. Other PersonnelAs set by CE DirectorAs set by CE Director