Required Minnesota Tests

Minnesota MCA-III Assessments

MCA-III tests are the state tests used to measure student learning according to state standards.  MCA-III Reading tests are online tests administered to grades 3-8 and grade 10, and MCA-III Math are online tests administered to grade 3-8 and grade 11 students on computers.

MCA-III Science tests are administered online in grades 5, 8, and the year the high school student is enrolled in high school Biology.  Most Annandale High School students take the high school science test in 10th grade.

Student participation in State of Minnesota tests is appreciated.  These tests give information about your child's learning progress as measured according to state standards.  Teachers use this information in designing and adapting courses.

As a part of college and career preparation, grade 11 AHS students are offered the opportunity to take The ACT or ASVAB  on April 19, 2017.

Contact Information:
For questions about test scheduling, contact
Jon Meinke
Annandale High School
(320) 274-8208, extension 3601

For questions about test analysis, contact
Kathy Holahan
Annandale MN 55302
(320) 274-8208, extension 3312


If a parent chooses to opt out of a child's participation in state testing, written notification should be sent to your child's teacher or to Mr. Meinke before scheduled testing.  The state provides the following form for this purpose.  


Annandale Public Schools Test Procedures