Role of Council

Primary Functions of the Annandale/Maple Lake Community Education Advisory Council.

  • Guiding and promoting the philosophy of Community Education in Districts #876/881.
  • Recommend policies as they may relate to the function of Community Education.
  • Formulation annual and long-range plans and evaluating success in meeting goals and objectives.
  • Monitor Community Education functions to insure accountability.
  • Give input into assisting in the assessment of community needs.
  • Formulating recommendations of Community Education programs that meet the needs of the various segments of the community.
  • Provide input into and recommending program priorities.
  • Advising in the formulation of Community Education Budget.
  • Provide an annual report on Community Education to the Boards of Education and the Superintendents.

Advisory Councils Are ...Advisor, Not Operators
Idea Givers...Not Policy Makers
Planners...Not Providers

Council Functions:

  • Planning
  • Needs/Resource Assessment
  • Program Development
  • Public Relations
  • Inter-agency Cooperation/Partnerships
  • Problem Solving
  • Influencing Policy/Direction
  • Evaluation

A Model Advisory Council:

  • Has a sense of identity as a unity and a clearly stated mission.
  • Members share group knowledge, understanding and common group goals.
  • Meetings generate collective commitment to group's decisions.
  • Members respect each other's views.
  • All opinions are explained on their merits.
  • Meetings follow the agenda and start and stop on time.
  • Procedural ground rules are clearly defined and followed.
  • Members are encouraged to contribute equally to discussion.
  • Group deliberations follows a logical sequence.
  • Necessary background and data are given.
  • "Feeling" and speculations are sorted out from facts.
  • Alternative solutions are fully evaluated in terms of their practicality,consequences and their consistence with the long-range goals of the group.
  • Decisions are made deliberately, not hurried.
  • Group members share with the chairperson responsibility for keeping discussions on track and substantive.