World's Best Workforce 2016

World's Best Workforce is the Minnesota Department of Education's name for a collection of reports about district education efforts and achievements.  There is a menu on the left side of this page for the World's Best Workforce Report.

Click on one of the three sections,Goal Setting, Goals Linked to WBWF (World's Best Workforce) Outcomes, and Strategies, Support & Progress for information about district and school goals, programs, and evidence of progress.


What is the Minnesota Department of Education World's Best Workforce Plan? 

The 2013 State of Minnesota Legislation commits all school districts to carry out the Minnesota Department of Education's World's Best Workforce plan, making progress toward:

1. improving kindergarten readiness.
2. achieving universal literacy by third grade.
3. reducing achievement gaps.
4. preparing all students to graduate college- and career-ready.
5. meeting a 100 percent high-school graduation rate.