We look forward to seeing you in our programs! Join us for:

  • Enrichment Activities
  • Afterschool and Saturday Recreational Activities
  • Volunteering in our Youth Service Programs
  • Athletic Leagues

Students if you have ideas for classes you would like to see offered please let us know. You can email us by clicking on the Comments & Requests to the left of call us at 320-274-3058. We can't wait to hear from you!

To VIEW our classes and REGISTER online, Click on the 'Course Catalog' link on the left.
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If you need additional information:

Ben Poidinger
Program Coordinator


Youth Coaches, please go to the Coaches Corner page for the most up to date infomation!

Youth Program Evaluations

Evaluations will now be done online through Survey Monkey. Links to the appropriate surveys will be listed here.